My Life My BalQis..


Even though i am far away from you, but our memories still keep it on inside my heart,mind baby...Thanks for created for me this such wonderful and awesome blogger. Love u so much..

Friday, 2 December 2011

SO Tired

Today i woke up early at 9.30 am ..Jeeto need to go to clinic for medical test report.. i need to company him to do so...sebab dia kan orang bangladesh bukan malaysia people...kerna baik hati aku tlg lah...pegi Klinik Wong Singh dekat dengan tempat we all tinggal....lepas makan di papa rich...aku order masa tu kuew teow masakdengan ayam steam...argh janji sedap...huh . lepas tu aku balik rumah ku dia balik lah rumahnya...malam ni janji mau dtang lagi...entahlah...aku malas mau keluar...tetiba pula teringat kk sabah...rindu sesangat...huh

My Lovely One...

Sleepin' in your arms
Feelin' safe from harm
Impatiently I wait for the day
That I don't have to see you go away
Years have come and gone
Yet our love has held on strong
The time has come
For us to finally be one
You are my true lover and best friend,
My soul mate and companion to the end
I hope to keep you happy
Never getting too serious or sappy
Your eyes that sparkle and shine,
That excites me knowing your love is mine
We both have hurt and cried
The love for each other never died
I promise with my heart to be true
Keeping my love, only giving it to you
From today forward, I promise this . . .
Our vows, our life as one, will be
Forever sealed with a kiss.


Hye all..I'm a new blogger here...My lovely sist ask me to do I asked her to do this blog for me. A million thanks from me to my lovely sister. LOVE YOU !